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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pears, sunshine, & I'm back!


I'm back! I do apologize for the long period of time I've been gone. Work has been absolutely crazy! Crazy!

Do you ever have one of those weeks that seem to go in torturous slow motion? Yes, that's what my week was like. Honestly it has continued to go that way till now with some relief. 

Anyway. I won't go on about work. Monday was beautiful! I decided to take the car for a bath... Well of course I was one in 50 people who thought the same. I went to the quick wash, where they do all the work basically. This car wash had those rail things that your car goes on... I followed the directions or so I thought. I went off the rail not once, but twice. Sirens went off both times to alert the staff they needed to investigate what was going on. The first time it happened the young man said, "what happened?" I sweetly said, "I don't know, but I'm sorry." That face that says, I'm just girl and didn't mean to face. You all know that face. The second time I hung my head and barely looked at anyone. This wouldn't have been so bad except the 50 other people I was holding up. Opps Sorry.  I so wanted to drive away, but I already paid for the car detailing as well. Sometimes its just hard being me. Ha. The rest of the week has been busy. I promise I will better from now on! At least know if I'm gone for a few days, it's probably because work has swallowed me whole. :) 

Wearing: Jcrew sweater, Jcrew chambray shirt, Express cropped pants, BCBG pumps, MK runway watch, raybans. 


  1. Hi! I am visiting from The Pleated Poppy "What I Wore". I love your blog. You have a great sense of style. I really like this weeks combo. Bright, happy and fun! Hav a great week.

  2. What a great look! Such a classic look!
    Don't worry about the car wash! I'm pretty sure I would do the same thing! They are confusing!

    1. Thank you! Those car washes are so tricky! Ha.