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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Sass in the snow!

Another inch or two of snow today! Will it ever end? I almost broke my neck prancing to the court house in these heels. It would be my own fault of course! Ha. 

Perhaps the treacherous heel wearing weather will evoke warmer temperatures? :) 

Wearing: jcrew necklace, jcrew factory shirt, jcrew sweater, express editor cropped pants, banana republic leather gloves, MK runway watch, MK trench coat via tjmaxx, BCBG heels. 


  1. Love your statement necklace...jcrew really knows how to do them, right? Thanks for linking up!
    Merrie @

  2. Great glam neutral look! I just got that necklace myself and you've given me an idea on how to wear it, thanks!

    1. Isn't it a great necklace? I think I will wear it with some neon colors as well!

  3. You look awesome girl!! I love your necklace and like you saw on my site--I am all about a statement on a Friday and wow you totally rock it!! Be careful in all that snow! We have a bunch here too--I am so ready for summer! Have an awesome weekend!


  4. That is such a statement necklace! You are brave for wearing heels in the snow, haha.

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  5. This is adorable! I love all of your outfits :)